Dr. Strongarm welcomes you to join her for an evening of delight, despair and deviance. For those in the darkness that still fight against the dying of the light, the next dance is for you.

her song has always been sung, those that play it tonight as just the current voices. We played with Nero on first fiddle, with Robert Johnson on guitar, with Tartini as he slept. Perhaps one day you will join us, her Misharmonious Orchestra.

So does life feel too much? Or do you want even more?
the doctor is in, and she’s got the cure.
Slide into desire, in darkness get lost,
your hopes and your dreams can be yours…for a cost.


Master of ceremonies, siren’s call, blues guitar.

He’s been with the Orchestra for so long he’s actually begun to enjoy it.

He came to my crossroads, a few years too late,
then signed on in blood and was sealed to his fate.

Gear: Squire Stratocaster, Epiphone SG


Lead guitar, mechanical menagerie.

I chased them to the ends of the earth and back, before they finally found me.

This one wanted life for mechanical creations,
Of course I delivered, just with demonic innovations.

Gear: Chapman Ghost Fret, JOYO Mjolnir


dr. strong arm's misharmonious orchestra

Bass, piano, whatever else the doctor demands.

Keeping the low notes down where they belong.

Searching for pleasures dark and divine,
It took just a taste to hear “Where do I sign?”

Gear:  Dingwall NG-3, Epiphone Thunderbird Goth


Drums, noises, screams.

What’s under the mask? Shall I show you?

He screamed out from a hopsital bed,
I kept him alive, just disfigured instead.

Gear:  Zildjian cymbals, thousands of smashed drum sticks