Upcoming Gig – The Workshop, Old Street

Friday 28th February, 2020 – The Workshop, Old Street, London

Dr. Strongarm is delighted to invite you to experience her Misharmonious Orchestra once again!

We’ll be bringing our dark, sleazy celebration of everything from punk to heavy metal to Old Street.

The bands will be kicking off at 7:35pm – just enough time for you to get a couple of post work pints in before you join us!

7:35pm: Toucan Echo Groove based experimental guitar and drum duo

8:15pm: VanityAct: Starting out as a mix of soul, jazz and punk, VanityAct will ensure than fans of Talking Heads and Roxy Music will leave happy

8:55pm: Out Of Exile are everything you’d want from a great rock band -solid backline, swaggering Les Paul / Marshall mix & a singer who is unable to stand still for more than three seconds (hey, sounds like our very own Malte Riesch!)

9:45pm: Kerosene Gin – A powerful chaotic 3-piece. Pure power on bass, crazy drum beats and heavy toned guitar, bringing you hard rock, blues and the poncho from the Ace of Spades album cover!

10:25pm Dr. Strongarm’s Misharmonious Orchestra! As usual, you’ll see our theatrical, dark and energetic live mix of punk, rock and metal bring the evening to an incredible end, before we head to the bar to start the rest of the night!

£6 on the door, £5 if you show this Facebook Event header image!

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