Upcoming Gig – The Birds Nest, Deptford

Friday 7th February, 2020 – The Birds Nest, Deptford, London

The gigs are coming thick and fast in 2020! Come celebrate the end of dry January with Dr.Strongarm’s Misharmonious Orchestra as we bring the circus to Deptford!

Alongside us will be the riff heavy rock of Dirty Falcon and the explosion of bluesy punk that is the Inglourious Thundercunts.

Dirty Falcon: Rip roaring, ball aching, dirty hard rock from the darker side of North East London.
Bitterness, resentment and rebellion moulded into dark humour pumps through the veins of their music.

Inglourious Thundercunts: Like the worst cocktail of the worst bar of Caracas, their filthy blend of punk and rock and roll has been disgusting and enthralling confused gig goers in equal measure.

make sure you’re there from the opening notes at 8pm to the naked, drunken debauchery at closing time!

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